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We, Al-Thaghr Al-Basem Company for General Contracting Ltd., have what qualifies us with the capabilities and equipment to occupy the forefront in the world of contracting within the country. The company has presented successful and distinguished projects in light of this urban and civilized development witnessed by all cities and regions of Iraq and diversified investments and expanded the economic base. The company’s management focused on The scientific foundations and the accumulated experiences and the introduction of everything that is new in particular. The company’s business represents a unique qualitative leap and carries with it targeted solutions that achieve everyone’s goals that keep pace with their aspirations. Our company has gained a good reputation through the implementation of many successful projects. Several factors have contributed to the company’s success, the most important of which is the elaborate and distinguished work and employees with excellent knowledge. With their work and commitment to the highest standards, where most of the company’s clients from the government and private sectors refer to its achievements and guide others to deal with it. The company is also proud of its successful work with many ministries and government agencies, where we have had many contracts with many authorities. with respect


Al-Thaghr Al-Bassem Company for General Contracting Ltd. has adopted the provision of integrated solutions and trained cadres that help the authorities achieve total quality in their work, through cooperation with many associate and ally companies, each one in its field of specialization and creativity, where no single company can possess all capabilities, and therefore the Our prominence in this diligent work by providing integrated services to ensure comfort for the citizen.

  • In the field of contracting, we seek to build and develop the infrastructure of Iraq in general in all its fields.
  •  Paying attention to the roads and re-paving them in a way that suits the new Iraq. We have a working partnership with one of the oldest companies for asphalt works. It has two asphalt plants, one of them is fixed and the other is mobile. It can be moved to any place to carry out any work of any size and quality. We have many works in this field. 
  • Paying attention to dams, reservoirs, water projects, drainage and lining, engineering works for water spaces and laying pipes through new construction, maintenance or development because we have a working relationship with international companies and are ready to work in Iraq, which is considered one of the major and specialized companies in the world. 
  • Design, supply and implementation of control and monitoring networks by means of mobile and fixed surveillance cameras, electronic systems and radioactive surveillance systems (sonar, wheeled system, electronic transmission blocker systems, security detonation systems, and from solid global sources with free maintenance periods.)
  • Attention to wireless communications and ground switches through the preparation and implementation of future projects. And the transfer of modern technology 
  • Contributing to solving the electricity crisis and paying attention to electrical networks and generating stations and providing spare parts and other needs to operate the electricity system 
  • Paying attention to investment and giving it special importance in our goals as it is a new experience, we must make it successful to advance the country to a higher level above the level of ambition, especially in The field of residential complexes to provide advanced and integrated urban complexes based on high urban and service bases at the lowest possible costs, providing financial support from the private sector and investing capitals at home and abroad and in all areas of investment, housing – commercial – industrial – entertainment….etc.

Manging Director"s word

Al-Thaghr Al-Basem Company for General Contracting Ltd. It is an Iraqi company officially established in 2004 from companies registered within the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Trade in Baghdad and its work in the field of various construction, mechanical and electrical contracting. Our company has won many awards and certificates of appreciation from the private sector companies and the American side as a main contractor with it in the implementation of projects due to its expertise and energies at work, in addition to the abundant possibilities that enable it to engage in the field of general contracting with a capital of 7,000,000.00 Seven billion Iraqi dinars and it has dealings with many Iraqi banks. The secret of the company’s distinction and success is the summation of experiences and modern technologies and the insistence on achieving the best for the user, in addition to the presence of a distinguished work team from all fields, holder of certificates from prestigious institutions and universities, in addition to the experiences that come with work. The work team consists of engineers, technicians, technicians and all specializations . Therefore, any problem the company faces, the solutions are present and fast. The support team, which works twenty-four hours and seven days a week, is also available to receive any emergency problems and provide the appropriate solution to work efficiently.

bassem sabri rashid

Manging Director

Al thaghar Al basem Comany for General Contracting Ltd.