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For General Contracting Ltd.


We, Al-Thaghr Al-Basem Company for General Contracting Ltd., have what qualifies us with the capabilities and equipment to occupy the forefront in the world of contracting within the country. The company has presented successful and distinguished projects in light of this urban and civilized development witnessed by all cities and regions of Iraq and diversified investments and expanded the economic base. The company’s management focused on The scientific foundations and the accumulated experiences and the introduction of everything that is new in particular. The company’s business represents a unique qualitative leap and carries with it targeted solutions that achieve everyone’s goals that keep pace with their aspirations. Our company has gained a good reputation through the implementation of many successful projects. Several factors have contributed to the company’s success, the most important of which is the elaborate and distinguished work and employees with excellent knowledge. With their work and commitment to the highest standards, where most of the company’s clients from the government and private sectors refer to its achievements and guide others to deal with it. The company is also proud of its successful work with many ministries and government agencies, where we have had many contracts with many authorities. with respect

Our Proude

Company Possibilities

The company has abundant potential to enter the field Real Estate Investments and General Contracting is a first class company The company's capital is 7,000,000,000 seven billion Iraqi dinars And has dealings with many Iraqi banks .

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The Company's Capital


Collaegues and Counting


AL THAGHAR AL BASEM Comany offers a sustainable services


Preparing the economic table study and Preparing the elementary drawings and Bidding documents and Bid evaluation


regional planning and city planning and urban planning and Urban design and landscaping


The core of administrative buildings, tourist buildings and buildings Commercial, residential complexes, villas, destroyed or semi-destroyed cities design

Building Services

Mechanical and electrical engineering, power supply, drainage, communications, fire protection, central gas systems, as well as building management systems

Structural engineer

Construction of all types of buildings, implementation of sewage works (water networks, sewage and road paving), special structural engineering, foundations, soil, concrete works, and structural evaluation.

Electrical engineer

Supplying and implementing high-pressure lines 33 quality, 134 quality, and 400 quality, in addition to the supply and implementation of electrical power conversion stations, the supply and implementation of mobile electrical stations, the design and preparation of electrical power stations up to 200 MW, and the provision of all engineering and mechanical services, fuel, fuel tanks and required voltage regulation stations.

Our Projectes

Extension and rehabilitation of a water network, completion of sewage networks, improvement of the electrical network, implementation of a communications network, development, pouring and covering of separate streets in the Kut district.

Maintenance and cladding project of Hilla / Baghdad road (the return corridor) in Babylon

Execution of side and muqarnas molding works, middle carrot works, cladding and manhole heightening of Sheikh Dhari Street


Rehabilitation project of Hamdaniya water complex in Abu Ghraib district - Baghdad governorate

Visitors City Project Karbala Entrance _ Baghdad

Visitors City Project Karbala Entrance _ Baghdad

Project of establishing scientific departments for the College of Engineering / Wasit University

Workers of dirt and sebum brushes for a road linking the Zabid area, and the work of an iron bridge in the area of al-Sanieh

    Al thaghar Al basem Comany for General Contracting Ltd.