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AL THAGHAR AL BASEM Comany offers a sustainable services


  • Preparing the economic table study
  • Preparing the elementary drawings
  • Bidding documents
  • Bid evaluation


  • regional planning
  • city planning
  • urban planning
  • Urban design and landscaping



  • commercial building design
  • Tourist building design
  • office building design
  • Design of residential complexes and villas
  • Design of destroyed or semi-destroyed cities

Building Services

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • electrical power distribution
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Water Distribution (Hot and Cold)
  • Feeding and drainage system
  • communication system
  • fire protection system
  • Fire Alarm System
  • central gas system
  • building management systems

Structural engineering

  • Construction of all types of buildings and implementation of sewage works (sewage networks, water and paving roads)
  • Private structural engineering
  • basics and soil
  • concrete works
  • Structural evaluation

electrical services

Supplying and implementing 33 qualitative and 134 qualitative and qualitative high pressure lines, in addition to the supply and implementation of electrical power conversion stations, the supply and implementation of mobile electrical stations, the design and processing of electrical power stations up to 200 MW, and the provision of all engineering and mechanical services, fuel, fuel tanks and required voltage regulation stations.

Al thaghar Al basem Comany for General Contracting Ltd.